Needed time ..

Hii sugardolls! 🙂 Unfortunately a few hours after I published my last post my stepdad passed away .. I ended up not going to Argentina and my mother returned to Sweden a few days later.. Everything happened so fast and I was just lost ! I needed time to mourn and clear my mind. Now … More Needed time ..

What happened?

Hii Sugar dolls! How is your summer going ? Better than mine I hope!! So so much happened in my life.. As soon as I returned from London Mr. X wanted to end our arrangement :O I didn’t know what to do but it all turned out well 😉 Will post about this matter in … More What happened?

Busy day!

Hi darlings 💋 sorry I didn’t post so much today.. I had a super busy day in the morning I went to Westfield and got a few things then I had to go back to Victoria’s Secret to change a pair of lingerie I had bought for my friend who’s getting married.. She’s picky 😳😞 … More Busy day!

Quick update 💋

Good morning sugar dolls 🙈 Today Mr. X will spend the whole day with his kid so guess what I will do? shooppiiing 😍😍 I already walked over to Westfield and bought a few things but since I was there yesterday didn’t see many interesting things today 😦 will head to Oxford St. and go … More Quick update 💋

Good day!

Hi dolls 💋 Today was a great shopping day *.* found the perfect bridesmaid dress I needed for a wedding I’ll attend in Brazil 😉 will talk more about it in the future once I post about my personal life 🙈 also bought a gorgeous Versace dress 😍🙈 can’t wait To wear it.. Did some … More Good day!

Shopping Friday! :D

Goodmorning sugar dolls 💋 Hope you all have a great Friday ! Right now I am having breakfast with Mr. X and we will soon head to Westfield to start shopping *.* so excited .. Don’t even know which shop to go in first *.* Probably Juicy Couture hahah I love their sweat suits 🙈🙈 … More Shopping Friday! 😀

In London *.*

Hi sugar dolls 😀 Feels so good to be in London when it’s such a nice weather *.* hope it’s like that tomorrow too 😍 I’m staying at the Hilton Kensington with Mr. X , he picked this hotel because it’s close to his son’s school since he will pick him up tomorrow and spend … More In London *.*

Quick airport update ;)

I’m at the airport now chilling until it’s time to board 😉 did some basic shopping at VS just because I’m a shopaholic 😳 don’t really need any of the things I bought .. Anyway, I’ll walk around a bit more and probably spend more money 🙈   Btw, I’m not taking my computer with me … More Quick airport update 😉

Happy :D

Good morning sugar dolls 😀 What a beautiful Thursday *.* I just finished getting ready to go to the airport; Like I mentioned before will only take my handbag 😀 Decided to also take one of my favorite coats since I am very picky with jackets and coats.. 😀 Will soon head out to the … More Happy 😀